High School Kicker Makes Game-Saving Tackle On Crazy Multi-Lateral Kick Return

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We all have seen some crazy plays performed in the game of football, but this one is certainly one of the most bizarre, yet impressive…and it’s only high school football!

With just three seconds left on the clock and the losing team being down by just one point, they are in position to receive the ball. The ball is kicked in line drive fashion and when it is picked up, a multi-lateral pass game ensues.

The players on the losing team throw an impressive 5 lateral passes and finally find a man that is open on the 20-yard line and able to make a run for the end zone.

As the runner takes off full speed towards the end zone, it would appear that we are going to witness a game winning touchdown with zero time left on the clock. Well, that wasn’t the case. The leading teams kicker makes a run for the kid with the ball and low and behold he makes an incredible tackle on just the 2-yard line!

Check it out below, it is certainly an entertaining play to watch and impressive game play on both sides of the field!