Brothers’ Incredible Cover Of “Drummer Boy” Is Unlike Anything You’ve Heard.

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At an October 2017 concert in Phoenix, Arizona, the Christian pop group ‘For King & Country’ blew the crowd away with an incredible version of the classic Christmas carol, “The Little Drummer Boy.”

The band is lead by Australian brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone, and there is no way you have never heard this Christmas tune played like this before! It’s rockin’!

For King Country drummer boy

The performance starts out with Luke standing on stage solo playing a single drum. Moments later, a few other drummers join and then the lights go out – and when they come back on – the performance truly kicks into high gear!

For King Country drummer boy

According to their Facebook page, the Nashville-based band specializes in “soaring melodies, driving rhythms, theatrical instrumentation and personal themes,” and this version of “Drummer Boy” definitely proves that they stand corrected by that statement.