This Four-Wheeled Bicycle Car Is Going To Change The Way You Ride Forever!

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It is called the PodRide and it is one of the most incredible inventions to happen to biking since…well…the wheel!


PodRide is meant to be a practical every day vehicle. You can take advantage of the small 250w electric motor, or pedal like any other bicycle to get around!

The bike has the same seating position and seat height as a small car, allowing easy access and good visibility in traffic. The best part about the PodRide…it’s covered! This allows you do cruise around no matter what the weather conditions!


It has four wheels so it’s narrow enough for bicycle paths but still stable going around curves.

It has a full waterproof body to keep you warm and dry in any weather, heated windshield, soft seat with back support, air suspension and studded tires for winter.

There is also a small trunk for your shopping bags and a tow bar for a bike trailer when you want to bring your kids or load up some camping gear.



The bike is also equipped with a 250W electric motor. The motor and the control system are both from a standard e-bike system which makes it a street legal bike in most countries. 



With the electric motor in use, the bike will reach a top speed of roughly 15.5 miles per hour and with the battery fully charged can go a distance of 37.2 miles!


This such an incredible machine. Practical, fun, eco-friendly and you can get yours by helping to fund the creators indiegogo campaign here.


Here are all the technical specs for you techies out there! 🙂

Length: 180cm                Width: 75cm
Height: 145cm                 Seat Height: 50cm
Weight: 70kg                    Wheel: 20inch tires
Wheelbase: 88 cm         Turning circle: 3,5m
Motor: 250W electric    Gears: 14 speedshub
Range: 60km                   Speed:25km/h (with motor)
Co2 emissions: 7g/km(EU-electricity mix)
(Car 140g/km, Electric car 70g/km)

Check out the PodRide in action!

If you enjoy the outdoors, this is definitely worth a share! 🙂 

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