15 Free Date Ideas (That Don’t Totally Suck)!

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People have gone on dates for years, but with the online dating boom, everyone seems to be out and about dating around. All that dating can really hit the wallet hard, but it doesn’t have to!

Check out these awesome date ideas that cost nothing and can be a super good time!

1. Have A Backyard Campout


You don’t need to leave your yard to go camping. Opt for the easier alternative, a romantic backyard campout complete with toasted marshmallows and stargazing. hometalk.com

2. Host A Game Night!

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A game night is a great way to really get to know your date because you’ll get to talk and laugh over your favorite childhood board games and card games. Don’t forget to include all of the classics, like Clue, Battleship, and Scrabble.


3. Get Creative With A Scavenger Hunt

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Though it may be a bit cheesy, a scavenger hunt is an adorable and easy way to win a girl’s heart. Come up with clues and leave them at all of your favorite places. You’ll have lots of fun running all around town together.


4. Go Hiking

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Take to the great outdoors for a totally free and memorable adventure!  A hike is a great opportunity to get to know each other as you both admire scenic views and work up a sweat. Bonus: Find a waterfall to swim under so you can cool off and boost the romance.


5. Have An Outdoor Movie Night

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There are a couple of different ways to have a perfect outdoor movie date. Plenty of public parks offer free movie nights during the summer, so if this is an option in your town, definitely take advantage of it. You can also recreate your own version at home by projecting a movie onto a sheet in your backyard. Grab lots of blankets and pillows, and make sure to pop some popcorn!


6. Got To A Local Farmer’s Market

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A stroll through a farmer’s market is a relaxing way to spend a weekend morning or afternoon, and it will definitely impress your date. Often vendors have free samples, so you can taste some of the fresh produce and local delicacies. Since the date itself doesn’t cost any money, splurge on some flowers for her while you’re there and she will smile all day.


7. Find A Free Outdoor Concert

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A lot of cities offer free concerts, especially during the summer, like SummerStage in New York City and the Twilight Concerts in Los Angeles. Do a little research and plan a musical night under the stars.


8. Cook A Meal Together Using Whatever Ingredients You Can Find In Your Kitchen

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Make your own fancy dinner without breaking the bank by turning your kitchen into a gourmet restaurant. Learn how to cook new things using YouTube tutorials, or if your options for ingredients are looking a little scarce, turn it into a Chopped-style cooking challenge and see who can come up with the most creative meal!


9. Go To The Beach

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For those that have seen The Notebook, a steamy beach date is a no-brainer. Splash around in the ocean like Ally and Noah did in that famous scene from the movie, and bring a blanket to get cozy as you watch the sunset.


10. Have A Picnic

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This classic date option is as easy as it is sweet! Just pack a blanket and some sandwiches, then pick an outdoor spot to have some fun in the sun.


11. Have A Video Game Battle

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If your girl isn’t afraid to get in touch with her nerdy side, this is the date for you. Let your inner-child shine through with an intense video game battle! The flirty trash-talk will totally set the romantic mood.


12. Binge Watch A New Series

date12 theplaidzebra.com

Okay, ignore the negative connotations behind “Netflix and chill.” Marathoning a TV show that you both have never seen is a great bonding experience, and it is completely free. Getting addicted to a new series is the perfect way to ensure that you are spending hours together, plus it is a good excuse to eat all of the junk food you can find.


13. Find A Free Tour Of A Brewery Or Winery

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Since booze can be the most expensive part of a date, check out any local breweries or wineries to see if they offer free tours and tastings. Wineries provide a beautiful backdrop for a date, and if you are in a city, breweries are often trendy hotspots to hangout. Win, win.


14. Get Active By Going For a Bike Ride Or Joining A Free Yoga Class

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If Netflix and video games don’t sound appealing, spend an active day out of the house instead. There are endless healthy activities that won’t cost you anything, like taking a bike ride around your neighborhood or doing yoga in the park.


15. Take A Scenic Ride

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Have an impromptu adventure by hopping in the car and going for a long drive. Seek out a gorgeous scenic spot not too far away, check out a neighboring town that you’ve never been to, or even just drive without a destination in mind, wherever your imagination takes you.

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