French Engineer Invents Ingenious Shelters For The Homeless That Retain Heat During Winter

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Homelessness is a major issues across the globe and in colder climates, being homeless can be a death sentence.

Enter french engineer Geoffroy de Reynal. Inspired by Europe’s cold temperatures, Geoffroy decided to create a tiny shelter that people plagued by homelessness can sleep in. The best part, the shelter retains heat!

The pop-up Igloo-like home, serves as a remote home for those who can’t afford a permanent roof on their heads.

The shelter is made from polyethylene foam and layered with aluminum foil. This double layer prevents the chilly temperatures from affecting the interiors, as it remains around 15° warmer than the outside. They’re also can easily set up, are waterproof, repairable and recyclable.

Geoffroy dubbed his invention – the ‘Iglou’.

The shelter has thermal insulation inside, which elevates the inner body temperature. On top of it all, it has mini “solar lighting, which adds more in privacy and managing the light.”

The ‘Iglou’ was tested in Europe and it was a major success. For now, the Iglou is compact due to emergency reasons, but Geoffroy plans to make it larger and even fit showers in it too.

The project has been crowdfunded, and Geoffroy hopes to create thousands of igloos in order to provide them to homeless people across the globe. The funding raised over $670k USD.