Frightened Girl Calls 911, Says Dad’s Drunk And ‘Driving Really Fast’

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As a parent, stories like this really upset me. At no point is this situation a good one. If you are going to be a complete yahoo and drive while intoxicated…don’t do it with your child in the car. 

Georgia deputies say they received a call from a 9-year-old girl stating that she was in a car with her father, he was drunk and driving really fast. 

The scared girl told the dispatcher that she lived in Atlanta and that she was visiting her grandparents. 

“He’s driving really fast. Officer, please help me,” said the little girl. 

The dispatcher is heard numerous times trying to calm the girl, as she was crying and scared. 

“I’m really scared, officer,” said the 9-year-old.

The dispatcher said, “I understand, I understand. I’m trying to get some people to you.” 

The little girl could be heard begging her father to pull over the car, but he refused. 

The girl had told the dispatcher they were headed to their grandparents home and that is where deputies found the car.

When officers caught up with the vehicle, 36-year-old Wesley Burgner admitted he had been drinking. Officers could smell alcohol on his person and he had trouble standing. 

Burgner was arrested. 

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