The Frisbee Challenge Toss Game Takes Backyard Gaming To A New Level

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You can make this awesome and fun Frisbee challenge toss game right at home! It is guaranteed to be a huge hit for both kids and adults!


  • Rectangle Piece Of Wood or Cardboard
  • Paint
  • Knife
  • Number Decals


First, take your piece of wood and cut out different size holes as seen in the image above. Make sure they are large enough so a Frisbee can fit through them. You can also use cardboard, but wood does work best.

Next, paint/design the cardboard any way you want!

Finally, give each hole you cut a point valuation. The smaller the hole, the more points are earned if you are able to throw a Frisbee through it! You can buy number decals at any Walmart or Dollar Store.

On the back of your board, take two long pieces of wood and attach them either to the bottom of the board or to the top and have them angle down towards the ground. This will provide the support the board needs to stand freely on its own.

The sky is the limit in regards to rules when playing the game. Some people play strictly on a points system….as in first to reach 1000 points wins. Or, some play this as a drinking game…assigning a certain amount of ‘sips’ per hole.

Be creative…have fun…and be safe!

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