From Scratch To Home | How You Can Convert A Van Into The Ultimate Camper Van

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He calls himself ‘HandMadeMatt‘ and he does a kick ass job as turning nothing, into something. Or something plain, into something super duper cool!

For this project, Matt used a Luton style box van as a starting point for his creation. Being a Ford, parts were cheap and readily available if needed.

Check out the post and after if you want more details about the construction of this awesome beast…check out Matt’s page here.

Matt started cutting away!


Once all the doors and windows were installed the whole van was insulated with polystyrene sheets.


Made created a permanent bed double in the front next to a shower cubicle and a large couch that becomes a singe bed.



At the back of the Luton box was a sliding shutter door that opens right up!


Everything you ever wanted is in this bad boy!

  • Fixed full time Double Bed above the cab
  • “L” Shaped Seating Area to accommodate 3 to 4 people
  • Hot Shower Cubical
  • Vented Gas Central Heating
  • Three way Fridge Freezer (12volt/ 240volt/ Gas)
  • Large Sink with water foot pump (to allow water flow even with no power)
  • Gas Hobs, Gas Grill, Gas Oven
  • Recessed Spot “Warm White” LED low wattage lighting
  • 12volt 110amp Leisure battery with separate automatic charging circuit
  • Twin Water Tanks, one under sink drinking water tank and,
  • One Large Under Chassis Tank for the shower, with mains water float valve connection
  • Double Glazed opening windows all around
  • Sunroof skylight and roof top “Pop ventilation”
  • Rear and side Barn Doors
  • Fully Insulated with multiple layers in the roof and around the Double bed area
  • Hydraulic Tail Lift Verandah area
  • 5 Speed Gear Box allowing for nice motorway cruising and climbing of even the steepest hills
  • Twin wheels on the rear axle (6 wheels in total) meaning very slow wear on the tyres (they last twice as long)
  • There are as new tires all round, including the spare

How awesome is this? Hard to believe this was once just a box van. 



There is nothing like ever changing gorgeous views!



If you were to pay a professional to create something like this is would cost over $30,000. 


To see the full details and get some tips from Matt on how this beast was built. You can check him out here!


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