Kid Scores Game Winning Full Court Shot With Just One Second Left On The Clock

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full court basketball shot

The game ain’t over until it’s over!

That was the case in one recent youth basketball game! With the score 48 -47 and one second left on the clock, one player from the losing team steps up to the foul line in an attempt to make two baskets in order to take the lead of the game.

The first shot…score! The game is now tied 48-48. The second shot…another swish! Teammates cheer and start freaking out for they just know that have won the game! I mean, what on earth could the other team do with just 1-second left on the clock?

Well, they can score a full court three pointer is what they can do!

With just one second left on the clock, the ball is tossed into play and the recipient of the ball gives an all or nothing throw, full court towards the basket! SWISH! The entire gymnasium erupts in cheering while the opposing team who thought they had won the game watches in disbelief.

Check in out below! It was one heck of shot!