Gaming Addiction Is A Disease Now! Here Is How To Handle It?

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What is Addiction?

If we define addiction, then it is excess of a specific activity or substance. The person needs more and more of that substance or activity. If he does not get it, he gets irritation, and hence it affects his psychological and physical health.

Video Gaming Addiction:

Video games have been popular among the adults since the emergence of computers. As the video technologies have developed, its craze among the young people and kids has risen. Some of them have indulged into the continuous playing of the video games that go up to hours. Playing such an extreme level leads to addiction. In this case, if the gamer gets any disturbance during the continuous play, he gets irritated. Moreover, his physical and social activities get limited.

Gaming Disorder:

In January 2018, WHO declared video gaming addiction as a disease and named it “Gaming Disorder.” According to the organization, gaming disorder is characterized by the priority given to video games over other physical and social activities and continuation of the gaming despite its severe negative impacts.

How to diagnose it?

According to WHO, a person can be a victim of gaming disorder if he is found to an addict of video gaming from past 12 months in such an extreme level that affects its social & physical life, family, friends, education, and other crucial daily life activities. The person should get a treatment and methods to prevent from it.


How to handle it?

Well, hope is always here. We will share some methods through which the affected person can be brought back to a routine.

1.     Don’t Stick to a Specific Game:

Most of the people are addicted to a specific game like World Craft, Call of Duty, FIFA, and DOTA, etc. Due to this addiction to a single game, gamer spends hours and hours without feeling it. If that person tries to play a new game after every few days, then he will not stick to any specific game. So it will prevent the gamer from addiction.

2.     Find Other Activities:

Family and friends of the person should encourage the addicted person to find an alternative activity. Like any physical activity, e.g., sports, music, movies, traveling, going out, talking with friends, making new acquaintances, etc. Through these activities, the person will engage in a physical and mental effort which will divert his/her attention from the gaming.

3.     Reduce Time on Gaming Gradually:

Do not take off your gaming activity at once as it may disturb you psychologically. Rather than it is wise to reduce the time spent on gaming every day gradually. Start it with one hour and then increase the time deduction hour by hour. With this method, you will spend the average time on gaming and will not disturb other social and physical activities.

4.     Watch TV:

It is also better for an addicted person to watch TV. On TV, he/she should watch favorite channels like sports, adventure, education, series, and movies, etc. Many Cable provider companies offer the TV service with a diverse range of channels. So gamer can watch the desired content. Moreover, they also have many other options to request a specific movie or show.  But remember, watching TV should too not excess than normal usage.

5.     Use Internet for Learning & Entertainment:

Also, there are many online games available to play, but the internet should be used effectively for the well-being of the gamer. He/she should use the internet for learning and entertainment. There are unlimited resources available to learn anything. For this purpose, internet facility should be provided to the user with proper control on the usage. Many internet companies in the market offer its services with the features like Parental Controls to monitor the kids’ activities on the internet. Such a company is Charter Spectrum. It gives the low-cost internet and TV services that are reliable.

Here is a look at some unique features of Charter TV and internet packages that will help the family to bring their loved one back to healthy living.

  • Parental Controls
  • Unlimited internet for unlimited learning opportunities
  • Spectrum app to manage the account and have a check on kids’ online activities

So, these are some of the tips to prevent a person being a victim of gaming disorder.