Garth Brooks Invites 19-Yr-Old Cancer Survivor On Stage. Her Voice And Story Wows The Crowd

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Danielle El-Jor had the world on a string. The recent high school graduate was a talented singer with hopes for stardom, but she spent the day of her big break in a hospital bed. On her 19th birthday, Danielle was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and one year ago, instead of auditioning for The Voice she had to endure her first round of Chemotherapy.

“I had no time to postpone chemotherapy because it was rapidly spreading in my body,” Danielle said. “There were mornings I couldn’t get out of bed and walk, so the days that I could… I was grateful for those good days.”

After Danielle beat cancer, her friends submitted her story to a local radio station who was giving away two tickets to a Garth Brooks concert. The winner would go to the show and meet the famed musician. 

After the radio station read Danielle’s story, they knew the tickets had to go to Danielle and that they did. 

Danielle and her family were able to meet Garth and he too was touched by her story and amazed with her singing talent. 

Danielle told Garth about her dream to become a singer. The country superstar then invited Danielle to their soundcheck before the show the next day. He gave Danielle a microphone and asked her to sing… the result snagged her the opportunity of a lifetime.

Such a great story and awesome performance by a strong young woman. 

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