Georgia Sheriff Proudly Installs ‘Politically Incorrect’ Welcome Sign

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A sheriff in western Georgia said is getting a huge reaction from a “politically incorrect” sign.

According to NBC affiliate WLTZ, Sheriff Mike Jolley of Harris County put up the new welcome sign right outside the sheriff’s office in Hamilton, Ga.

The sign reads:

“Welcome to Harris County, Georgia! WARNING: Harris County is politically incorrect. We say: Merry Christmas, God Bless America and In God We Trust; We salute our troops and our flag. If this offends you… LEAVE!”


Jolley told WLTZ that there’s a vast majority of people who are silent about their beliefs but he’s not going to remain tight-lipped.

“I spent 20 years in the Army to give everyone the right not to agree with it and to voice their opinion if they’re not, and that’s fine” Jolley explained.

Jolley said he bought the sign with his own money. Since putting it up Tuesday morning, he said that he’s gotten several donations from people living in the county supporting his way of speaking out.

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