This Simple 17-Second Technique Will Unclog Your Stuffy Nose…And It Really Works!

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get rid of stuffy nose

If you are not a fan of using medications to get rid of cold symptoms, especially the dreaded and annoying ‘stuffy nose’, than you are going to love this simple, 17-second trick. This actually works, and works very well!

The idea and process is simple. Tilt your head back and pinch your nose. While your nose is pinched, breathe out until there is no air left. Once all the air is out…stop pinching your nose and breathe in. It is that simple. 

Why does it work? Well, by plugging your nose and releasing all of the air in your lungs sends a signal to your brain letting it know that oxygen isn’t getting into the body. Your brain then sends a message to your sinuses to ‘relieve’ the blockage. Voila! You can breath easy! 


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