How To Get Your Bottle Of Free McDonald’s Mac Sauce At Maine Locations!

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McDonald’s is giving away 10,000 bottles of their famed, secret Mac sauce today…nationwide. So, that means you have to do a little leg work in order to get your sauce on!

We found out that at McDonald’s locations in Bangor are giving away free bottles starting at 11 a.m.. Want a chance to win one? When you order, simply say ‘There is a Mac for that’ and you may win a fresh bottle! 

In order to find out other locations in Maine that are partaking in the saucy giveaway, simply download the iMessage app called McDonald’s Special Sauce Finder. Once you find the location, you tell them the secret code phrase: “there’s a Big Mac for that.” 

If they have a bottle available…they will give it to you! 

People say that the sauce is nothing more than mayonnaise and ketchup…but McDonald’s assures the world that there is more to it than that and a secret ingredient that no one will ever know!

Have Fun!

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