Getting The Best Out Of Your New iPhone

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Many people dream about a private house, Eurotrips, and other stuff, while others can’t stop thinking about a new iPhone. No wonder! This telephone is a real technological miracle. Let us imagine that you have finally got your dream device, what is next to do? You can be sure that switching from an ordinary telephone to any iPhone model will change the way to see a mobile device, as well as your expectations regarding it.

New iPhone is New Opportunities

The first thing to remember is that iPhones are rather demanding in terms of treatment. There are specific rules you have to remember before you start using an iPhone. There are so many mobile apps that can put a twist on your life. However, it would be best if you were picky and cautious. In addition to numerous exciting features, you will have to get the best anti-malware for iPhone as well. Let us look at how you can benefit from your new purchase.

Face ID and Touch ID

Not so long ago, people got to know about Face ID – an incredible feature that allows you to recognize your face to unlock the device. Besides, this feature ensures your safety as you make different online payments via mobile phones or purchase something in the App Store. People appreciate the function not only for its convenience, however, also for its security. 

You will not have to spend much time on the installation of the feature, and you will not regret doing this for sure. Besides, many iPhone models also offer the opportunity to use a Touch ID feature or a ‘home button.’ If you still do not know what a Touch ID is, it is a safety feature that works like a fingertip reader. Thus, it is pretty the same as Face ID; however, in this case, you need your fingertip to unlock the device. Still, it is only possible if the device has got a home button that is not available in all the iPhone models.

iCloud Storage – How much is enough?

Still wondering whether you need an iCloud storage? Well, there are no doubts you need it. What is more, you will assure yourself that you will need more and more storage space. What you get for free with a new iPhone is only 5 GB for free. Some users may find this amount of memory enough. However, the majority of users will fill all these gigabytes during the first hours of exploitation. There is a way out in this situation: you can purchase some extra gigabytes of iCloud storage. For instance, you can spend $ 0.99 to get 50 GB for the entire month, isn’t that great?

iCloud Backup is also important

Mobile phone backup is essential for the proper performance of the device. Backing up an iPhone, you make sure that all the critical information is safe and stored in the right place. Data leak is such a typical cyber threat nowadays that it would not be smart to ignore the issue. Spend some time and learn how to Backup your iPhone via your iPhone account. 

Do Not Forget about Find My service

Even though some people may ignore the service called “Find My,” it is a matter of responsibility and personal security. You should check whether you have a Find My service installed already. If not, make sure you do all the required steps to install the feature. What the service gives is the opportunity to track your device and locate it. Moreover, in case of need, you can either wipe it or lock so that your sensitive and personal data is safe.

Protective Measures

Last but not least is the device’s protection. Specifically, it is an anti-malware software for your brand new iPhone. Spend some time surfing the Internet and looking for the most appropriate antivirus program for your iPhone. It is worthy of remembering that any device is susceptible to cyber threats despite the telephone brand.


What Does Anti-Malware Do?

The primary function of the antivirus is to protect your device. Precisely, the software scans your iPhone, detects any malware (if there are such), sends you notifications, and prevents further attacks. A high-quality antivirus will perform scanning in real-time so that everything is done timely. Thus, if you visit some web page that might be unsafe or suspicious, your anti-malware software will foresee this and prevent you from visiting such websites.

Choosing the App

There are so many different apps on the Internet, and the antivirus software is not the exception. The iTunes store provides a wide variety of mobile applications, and your only task is to make the right choice. For that reason, read as many reviews as possible, take your time, dig into the topic, and read the user comments as well. Besides, do not forget about the free version of the antivirus programs, these might be helpful for you.

Sure, it seems that mobile phones do not require powerful anti-malware protection compared to PCs or laptops. Nevertheless, the reality is such that you should be prepared for any online cyber threat. Below, you can see several most common antiviruses for mobile devices:

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security – he antivirus provides the users with the protective features that ensure an easy-to-use media access. You also have an opportunity to apply several tools against cyber theft. McAfee is a powerful antivirus software; however, not an innovative one.

Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Security – Avira is one of the customer choices. People like the software as it successfully detects and blocks any suspicious and infected websites or links. Besides, it sends you notifications in cases when someone wants to break your system and steal some personal data and critical details. Moreover, you can get a free version of it!

Lookout: Security and Identity Theft Protection

Lookout: Security and Identity Theft Protection – not many people heard about this antivirus. Yet, it is considered to be one of the best anti-malware applications. First, it performs very scrupulous security scans and checks. Secondly, it offers an extended identity theft protection. The only thing that may upset you is that the app store reviews are not high-class.

F-Secure SAFE

F-Secure SAFE – the anti-malware program that will successfully block potentially harmful links and will not let you access any malicious website. As a bonus, you get a ‘Parental control’ option. The only minus is that you can use a website filtering if you use a SAFE’s browser specifically.