This Giant Inflatable Twister Game Is Perfect For Your Next Backyard BBQ

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Twister…the vintage game that gets harder and harder to play, the older and older you get! But that’s just true for the traditional ‘in home’ version of the game. The outdoor, inflatable version of the game is easy to play no matter your age or how out of shape you are!

The Inflatable Outdoor Color Dot Game (snazzy name huh?!) has taken the classic game you love and bumped it up about 20 notches and then made it inflatable! No longer are you limited to just 2 – 4 players, this massive game is equipped to handle up to 10 people (or a maximum of 1,500 pounds) so everyone can get in on the action!

Add a few adult beverages to the mix and have yourself a wild ass game of backyard Twister with the peeps you love most!

Like the classic game you must spin a wheel to tell you where to place your hands and feet among the big 64 colored dots that are arranged in eight rows. But with this inflatable, you have the added challenge of staying balanced while the top wobbles about with every players breath. The last player left “standing” gets to shout ‘in your face’ at the top of their lungs.

The inflatable mat is 15 x 15 feet wide and long and is 15 inches tall. Weighing in at whopping 125 pounds, you should not have to worry about it blowing away in the wind!

The game is double-stitched vinyl and it comes with its own 1-hp air blower that keeps the playing surface inflated while plugged into AC.

According the purchase website:

“This is the inflatable outdoor game that challenges up to 10 players to touch different colored dots on a playing surface using only their hands and feet.”

“Contortions and human pretzel poses aside, no other part of the body may touch the playing surface; the last player to remain ‘standing’ wins.”


There are a ton of places that sell this for nearly $2000, however…you can buy it right HERE for just $599!