Girl Takes Her Senior Pictures At Taco Bell, Wins High School

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WOWPosing for senior photo’s can certainly be an awkward situation for any young adult. What do I wear, where do I have the photo’s taken, who do I get to take the photo’s, etc., are all questions that will haunt you right up until the moment the photographer say’s ‘smile’. After all, one of those pictures is how you are going to be remembered in high school for eternity! Yikes!

Well, high school senior Brittany Nicole Creech decided she wanted something a little different – she wanted to be doing something she really loves in her senior pics. So Brittany had her senior pictures taken at her local Taco Bell! Genius? I think so!


Brittany teamed up with Missouri-based photographer Brendan Batchelor, who took such gorgeous shots, they could easily be part of the fast food chain’s next advertising campaign.

After Brittany posted the photo’s on Twitter, they have since been retweeted thousands of times and even gained the attention of the national food chain themselves!


So we ask you, what is better? Fake looking senior photo’s like these?

Or super rad senior photo’s taken at your local fast food chain like these?

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