Girl Under Heavy Anesthesia At The Dentist Is Convinced She’s Rihanna

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It seems that filming people when under heavy anesthesia has become a ‘thing’ lately. Over the last year or so, family members have exploited their kids, parents and friends after leaving the dentist office, high.

There is no doubt that most of the videos circulating the web are humorous and often times super entertaining…and this one is no different!

To help ease her daughter’s transition back to reality, a mother helped fuel her daughter’s vision of being a pop star who was getting ready to put on another concert for her adoring fans.

The girl was so convinced by what she was imagining that she began combing her hair to give her a “rock star” look. The entire time she was sitting in the chair at the dental office, but she was envisioning herself backstage just moments before a concert. After her hair was well groomed, she was ready to take the stage.

The girl started singing Rihanna’s  hit song “Work”. Of all the artists or songs that she could have started singing, she picked one of the most difficult singles that is currently being played on the radio. The lyrics are a mix of English and Patois, a Caribbean dialect, but that didn’t stop the girl from giving the song her all.

When the dental assistant walked into the room, the girl didn’t skip a beat. She continued her performance as if she were really up on stage.


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