People Are Divided Over This Girl’s Reaction To A Birthday Gift From Her Mom

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First off…I will say that as a parent of a young girl…this kind of breaks my heart. But, as a parent of a young girl…I kind of understand too! 

Most teenagers are moody and don’t truly understand what their parents are doing most times. I know I had my fair share of moody, crazy moments as a teen. 

Seventeen-year-old Jenna Fluegeman appears to be a typical teen, but her reaction to a little birthday surprise from her mom has the internet divided. 

In honor of her 17th birthday, Jenna’s mom created a Snapchat filter to be active at her daughter’s school.

Lets just take a moment and give this mom some props for having the know how in order to create a customer Snapchat filter!

In response to the sweet gesture, Jenna tweeted out a text conversation she had with her mother about the surprise. (this is where my heart started hurting a little)

Was she just being a moody teen? Was she ungrateful? Was it all just a misunderstanding?

The ‘Twitter-verse’ thought all of the above…but a generally they just found Jenna to be rude. 

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