The Mind Blowing GLAD Container Hack That Is Going Insanely Viral

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GladWare’s container lids are blowing people’s minds!

Glad’s plastic containers have long been used for storing food and lunch packers, but there is a nifty feature to the containers that it would appear no one ever knew about!

Gracie Villegas, a stay-at-home mom, was meal prepping when she snapped a photo of her progress and posted in on Twitter where people noticed only one thing, the tiny dangling container of dressing secured to the top lid.

Apparently, the blue circle on the lid isn’t just a decorative design feature. It is meant to have smaller containers snap into the circle shaped fitting! Who knew! I didn’t that’s for sure!

Posted by Sarah Rose on Sunday, September 10, 2017


“UM. HOW AM I JUST NOW finding out that the circle on these lids are actually lids for the tiny containers?! Someone please tell me I’m not the only one who didn’t know this,” someone responded on Facebook.

“I literally had no idea that the circles on the glad lids were for the little circle containers. Mind blowing lol,” a user tweeted out.

Though Glad has marketed its To-Go Lunch containers as equipped with special “dressing cups that snap into the lid,” many people have just assumed the circle in the middle of the lid was a design feature and not a built-in dressing holder.

Mind blown!