Good Samaritan Spots Kidnapped Little Girl On The Interstate After Hearing Amber Alert

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Talk about being at the right place at the right time.

Steve Adams of Murrow County, Ohio, noticed a car that matched the description of one driven by Tyler Enix, accused of murdering his ex-wife and abducting his 2-year-old daughter Brooklynne.

Steve Adams was in Ohio, the Amber Alert was issued two states away out of Knoxville, Tennessee. When Adams noticed a little girl waving at him from a passing vehicle with Tennessee plates, he got suspicious. After hearing an Amber Alert earlier in the day, he knew that this was more than a coincidence.

Adams trailed the vehicle while on the phone with police. Adams gave the dispatcher the license plate number of the vehicle and sure enough, it matched that of the suspected murderer and kidnapper.

After following the vehicle for nearly 20 minutes, Ohio Deputies were on the seen where Enix was arrested and charged with the murder of his wife.

Adams told reporters ‘God put me in the right place at the right time, to do the right thing‘.

Great job Mr. Adams!

via – ABC News

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