Rattlesnake Strikes GoPro Camera And Knocks It Into Pit Of Angry Snakes

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GoPro Falls Into Pit Rattlesnakes

Most of us wouldn’t ever think of getting within 50-feet of a rattlesnake, none the less a big group of them. A single bite from a rattlesnake can cause extreme pain, sickness and in some rare cases, death. But those dangerous consequences didn’t stop Michael Delaney from getting up close and personal with over ten rattlesnakes.

Delaney was filming the large group of snakes using his GoPro camera. As Delaney got close to the snakes, they were taking aim at the camera and attempting to attack it. At one point, the camera was struck so violently by a rattlesnake that it came loose from Delaney’s grip and fell directly in the middle of the rattling snakes.

The footage is pretty cool as it gives an up close and personal look at snakes in the wild. I don’t think I have ever seen so many rattlesnakes in one place before! You wouldn’t catch me getting this close to them! Yikes!

(The video below does play) The uploader didn’t ad a cover photo.