Grab 13 Of Your Friends And Go Camping With This Massive 14-Person, Four Room Tent!

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There is nothing like heading out into the wilderness with a bunch of your friends and family! Campfires, music, games, adult beverages and good conversation! Summer is almost here and it’s time to get your camp on!

If you are planning on going camping, you must check out this massive, 14 person, four room tent by Ozark Trail!

The tent is affordable, massive and simply awesome!

The tent is 20 feet by 20 feet and can fit a slew of queen size air mattresses.

The tent features rooms galore! If you want a little privacy, this tent is for you because it features room dividers which fully close off the walls. The walls have zippers, so you can unzip them and enjoy more space, or zip them up for a little privacy. The tent’s central dome area is connected to the main entrance. This is the communal living area. The three remaining sections come with dividers, allowing you to create a total of four rooms. The fourth room is much larger and acts as a master bedroom of sorts. 

There is also a mesh roof, so you can unzip the protective layer of the tent and sleep under the stars! There is also windows galore – 12 large windows to be exact!

You can buy this tent via Walmart or Amazon!