Two Bats, Three Balls, And Lots Of Pain: The Grand Slam Nut Shot

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Remember back in the day when Jackass was all the rage? A couple of guys pulling off epic pranks and creating bodily harm to one another all for the entertainment of others, those were the days! Well, now a days there are a ton of copycats out there pulling off Jackass style pranks and stunts in hopes to captivate an audience and make fans say ‘What the F@#k’. 

In the video below, a couple of guys tie a baseball to an elastic band, wrap it around a telephone pole and then whack it. The ball flies out and is slung back at a high rate of speed right in the family jewels of a guy named Simon of (SimonChristopher TV). I hope Simon wasn’t planning on having children any time soon! Yikes!


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