Grandma Accidentally Texts Wrong Number And Invites Stranger To Thanksgiving

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You just have to love those tech savvy grandma’s!

According to KSAZ, grandmother and Thanksgiving host Wanda Dench included one wrong number in her group chat invitation.

Seventeen-year-old Jamal Hinton was the recipient of the unexpected Thanksgiving invitation. It doesn’t end there, because this is not your typical ‘sorry, wrong number’ text convo!

In fact, Dench’s handling of the situation reminds all of us why Thanksgiving and grandmas are a much better combination than grandmas and iPhones.


Jamal (blue bubbles) is clearly a little tad confused and asks for clarification via a selfie.


Tech savvy grandma Wanda snaps back with a sweet selfie, again, thinking she was speaking to her real grandson.


Jamal pops grandmas bubble, sending her a selfie of himself (he is not her grandson). He doesn’t take that as a deal breaker though, and asks if he can come anyway.

Jamal says, “I was just in class, and I got a random group chat text, so I texted back, and found a new grandma.”




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