Grandma Rocks Out To AC/DC’s Highway To Hell, Judges Get Blown Away

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Here’s another little dose of positivism headed your way! Jenny Darren was only 30 years old when AC/DC’s Highway To Hell was released.  Now at 68, the retired lady from Birmingham still loves that song that she actually performed it live on Britain’s Got Talent!


As Darren got on stage, she played the part of a sweet grandmother who seemed to just come from afternoon tea complete with her outfit of a cardigan and long skirt. She even asked the audience to “bear with her,” as she politely told the judges she was here to win. While waiting for her song to start, she began shocking the audience by unbuttoning her cardigan and revealing an all black leather ensemble!

Source: Screenshot from Youtube

You can be assured that all the judges, including Simon Cowell himself were extremely blown away with Darren’s performance.  The best part was when she actually sang, showing the judges she was indeed there to win. Her knack of singing didn’t just come out of nowhere as Darren is an accomplished singer, who up to now has a band called Jenny Darren and the Ladykillers.

Darren started singing at the age of 12 and was heavily influenced by rock music, rhythm and blues. She grew up jamming to rockstars like Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Throughout her early years in the rock scene, she supported the release of AC/DC’s four albums with different features including drummer Nicko McBrian from Iron Maiden; while going on tour with them. She eventually gave up her rockstar lifestyle and crossed over to jazz and classical music instead.

Hows that for someone’s grandma? No one ever said there was an age limit to quit rocking on!