Grandmother Creates Youtube Channel To Teach Her Secret Homemade Mexican Recipes

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“From my ranch to your kitchen,” is Mrs. Angela’s Youtube channel name. Her new channel has quickly gained a ton of attention, proving that older generations and their incredible recipes and cooking skills are able to be shared via modern day social media platforms!

When we say that her channel has gained a lot of attention, we mean it! Mrs. Angela’s Youtube channel already has over 2.2 million subscribers!

Ángela, a Mexican grandmother decided to create her YouTube channel (“From my ranch to your home”), to teach homemade cooking recipes and share her culinary legacy with newer generations.

The channel doesn’t just teach you the recipes, it dives into the heritage of dishes. Often using older cooking utensils and methods that she grew up using. Comal, pots, pewter spoons, molcajetes are part of the utensils used, some that her parents and grandparents typically used to prepare food over the years.

Basically this is a Youtube channel you are going to want to follow! Not only is the content super interesting, it will make you hungry just watching it. As an added bonus, you will be able to cook some seriously awesome Mexican dishes!