Potty-Mouthed Grandpa Has Hilarious Reaction To Learning He Is Actually 98-Years-Old

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grandpa find out how old he is

One grandpa is making the rounds on the internet, to the tune of over 16M Facebook video views on a video taken of him realizing he is 98-years-old.

When a son asked his elderly father how old he thought he was, he initially responded with the number 79. Boy, was he off by a lot.

When the man finally discovered he’s 98-years-old, he responded quite candidly.

“Your ass!” he said to his son. “I am not 98 years old. Holy f**k, how did I get so old so fast?”

In the clip, the man confirms he was born in 1919, so his summer birthday will put him at 99 later this year.

This man’s attitude is incredibly awesome! One can only hope to be this cool at 98!