Grandpa Has The Best Reaction When He Realizes Prank Birthday Cake Is Actually Styrofoam

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A person’s laugh can be contagious and in this video, grandpa’s laugh is incredibly contagious. At first, the video may garner a few smiles, but when grandpa realizes that his family pranked him with a Styrofoam birthday cake…those smiles turn to laughter real quick! 

Gathered with his daughter and granddaughter, the birthday boy looks forward to cutting his cake as his family sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to him…however…grandpa can’t seem to cut the cake. 

The daughter tells her father to touch the cake with his finger and reveals the big prank — the cake is made of Styrofoam! Hilarity ensues! 

The video was shared via America’s Funniest Home Videos, as it totally should be!


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