Great Excuses To Use When You Are Late For Work

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Everyone has been late to work before, probably multiple times. Did you have a great excuse for being late though? Sometimes we have great reasoning’s as to why we are late and other times, we are just late because we felt like it, or just didn’t have the proper motivation to make it in on time. For those sorts of times, you really need a good excuse to tell the boss…and have found a few for you!

‘The Blamer’

Try blaming your lateness on something else: congested traffic, a slow train, police cars blocking the road, etc.


‘The Gifter’

Come to the office with coffee and donuts in hand; nobody will care that you’re late if you bring snacks.


‘The Judas’

With this excuse, you throw someone else under the bus to take the attention off of yourself. A great way to do this is to point out a memorable time someone else was late.


‘The Sudden Injury’

Act as though you’ve been suddenly struck with indescribable pain — then, instead of asking why you’re late, people will ask if you’re okay.


‘Full Disclosure’

The benefit of this excuse is that you don’t actually have to lie — just tell your coworkers/boss exactly what happened in excruciating detail and hope they are thankful for your honesty.


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