16-Foot Great White Shark Interrupts Fishing Boat Party

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great white shark circles fishing boat

An Australian family’s vacation turned into a scene from JAWS when a massive 16-foot great white shark showed up to party!

Jodie Brown and her family of seven took a small boat out to enjoy the warm day just outside Port Victoria, Mashable reports.

The family had planned to swim, fish and enjoy each other’s company when the 16-foot shark slowly swam up to the 19-foot boat and started circling.

“It just swam up to the boat from behind and it was just circling us for about 20 minutes, it would just go round and come back again,” Brown told The Advertiser.

The shark was more than likely lured to the boat because of what the family was using for fishing bait.

The family had to pack up early and head back to shore after a few of the younger on board passengers got too scared.

What a cool experience though! Wow!