Great White Shark Gets Up Close And Personal With Filmaker

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close up shark

Now this is rather fascinating. Goes to show not all Great White sharks act in an aggressive manner. However, this doesn’t mean that you would want to duplicate what Dave Riggs has done.

“Basically it’s a very curious great white shark,” Australian filmmaker Dave Riggs told ABC Goldfields-Esperance. “She was around 15 foot long, and wasn’t being aggressive, believe it or not, but certainly looks like it in that image. But that’s how they assess their surroundings.”

Riggs was filming material for a Discovery Channel documentary off Australia’s Neptune Islands when the female shark came up for what he called a “sniff.”

The dramatic photo was snapped by crew member Luke Thom, who was in the boat about three feet behind Riggs, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Riggs told ABC the sharks in that area, which is popular among tourists hoping to see great whites, will check out any boat that comes around.

“I just felt obliged to post it I guess, because it’s real,” Riggs told the network. “It’s not being aggressive, it was not attempting to kill anyone, it was just very curious.”

It’s a curiosity the sharks satisfy with their mouths, Riggs explained in a promotional clip released by Discovery.

“Great whites don’t have hands, so she was researching the area in the only way she knows how -– and that’s with her mouth,” he said.

Shark Week starts on July 5th!

Article Source : HuffingtonPost