Youtube Prankster Pranks Random People Wearing Grizzly Bear Costume

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French native Remi Gaillard is known for his outlandish, in your face Youtube pranks. Do some of Remi’s pranks go a little too far? Of course they do, but that is what makes them awesome pranks! 

In this prank, Remi dressed up in a ridiculous grizzly bear costume and took to the woods to prank fisherman, hikers and campers alike. 

In just about every clip, the person being scared by Remi did everything you ‘are not’ supposed to do if ever approached by a real grizzly bear. People, ran, swam and even climbed trees! All big no-nos if you are ever being chased by a bear! 

If you are ever chased or attacked by a bear, you want to remain calm (like that would ever happen), stand still, wave your arms, stand your ground and make a lot of noise! If the bear attacks, you should always lay in the fetal position, cover your head and play dead until the bear stops attacking.