Kids Were Having A Fun Interaction With A Grizzly Bear…And Then It Turned Crappy

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Taking your children to the zoo is one of the simple pleasures in life. Allowing your children to get up close and personal with animals, laughing and learning! Wonderful right? Well, not always! 

In the video below, parents were filming their children as they had a rather pleasant encounter with a massive grizzly bear! However, that experience turned both funny and crappy! 

As the children were laughing and in complete awe of the grizzly, the bear decided to turn around and place its backside to the glass enclosure. And you guessed it…the bear took a big doo-doo right in the kids faces. Luckily for them, there was a glass partition. The only thing worse than being eaten by a grizzly bear, is being pooped on by one! 

grizzly bear poop

None the less, the family seemed to have a good laugh and it is surely one trip to the zoo that these kids will never forget!