Groom Plays Video Of Cheating Bride In Bed With Brother-In-Law At Their Wedding

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A groom played a rather nasty video at his wedding — apparently showing his new bride making sweet love with her brother-in-law.

Some online users have labeled the cheating video a publicity stunt, but others claim it is in fact, very real.

The 5-minute tape was played in front of an entire room of stunned wedding guests. It has been reported that the bride had an affair with the husband of her pregnant sister.

The full video has since been uploaded to various ‘adult’ websites — but you can get the gist below.

The video footage first appeared “exclusively” on video app Aubergine Video and skeptical viewers have pointed out that the clip at the wedding also included the company’s logo. So it’s pretty much up for debate.

The footage shows an X-rated video being played out on a projector during the couple’s wedding banquet while the groom tells the bride “you thought I didn’t know?”

She is then seen throwing her bouquet of flowers at her spouse.