Grooms Seeing Brides For The First Time Is Beautifully Emotional (Video)

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It’s a common practice for brides to remain unseen by their grooms on the wedding day — of course, that is, until she walks down the aisle.

In a similar vein, grooms-to-be aren’t supposed to see their future wives in their wedding dresses until the actual wedding.

Combined, these traditions amount to a ton of suspense — and excited curiosity — prior to the reveal on the big day.

Mitchell Reilly Pictures came up with a brilliant idea: It created a montage video capturing grooms’ reactions upon seeing their brides for the first time.

From surprised and awestruck to full-on teary, the men’s reactions are positively moving, and this video will make you “aww” harder than anything you’ve ever seen.

Get the tissues ready and check it out up top.