Group Discovers Incredible Gold Viking Bangles Using Metal Detectors

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Marie Aagaard Larsen, Kristen Nedergaard Dreiøe, and Poul Nørgaard Pedersen were out in a field near Vejen, Denmark when they made the discovery. The group of friends brought shovels and metal detectors to the field with the hopes of finding something of value. While they were wandering through the field, their metal detectors started going off.

They did some digging and found something shiny in the dirt. When they pulled it out, they found that it was a solid gold bangle. That wasn’t all, though- they continued to search the area and found 6 gold bangles and 1 silver bangle in total.  “We really felt that we had found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and when more bangles kept showing up, it became surreal,” said Marie Aagaard Larsen.

Archaeologists say that the bangles were part of a forgotten Viking treasure. And although the find weighs less than 2 pounds, it’s the largest Viking treasure discovery in all of Danish history. The value of the discovery is unknown at this time, but the gold alone is worth $40,000 in current gold prices. Of course, the artifacts will be valued at much more because they are historical, and rare- gold was not used by Vikings often. Silver was what they used most.


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