Group Touring Toronto’s Music History

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The city which houses Prince’s iconic home would obviously be immersed in musical culture. However, even for local residents knowing these places is a bit iffy. Toronto is not really very invested in preserving the vibrant culture that it has even now.

So, before the landmarks disappear, every music lover must make Toronto visit one of their aims. One of the plans we suggest is that of going through the entire city with a long drive trip. While, group retreats are notoriously difficult to plan, not in the least because people usually becoming more and busier, it’s not impossible either.

So, here’s a step-by-step guide to your Toronto musical tour.

1. Book transportation


Let’s face it. Even hardcore residents know little of all the nooks and crevices of the entire city. So, when it comes down to it, taking the help of a professional driver might be your best bet for exploring more spaces without any problems. Private Toronto charter tour bus rental is available if you want to take on a bus. Remember to discuss the landmarks and timing with your driving professional and make sure to plan the entire tour out before you start out.

You can choose which kind of buses you want and also plan the budget so that your main problem becomes the places you should visit.

2. Places you should visit


Toronto has a rich variety of concert halls and party venues. The music venues live up to their names and have hosted a variety of musicians. So, here are some spots you can’t afford to miss.

  1. Prince’s Home – Prince owned a home in Toronto and he planned out the music of his album “Musicology” here. The 28th music album is regarded as one of his best works, and the home is still a testament to the legend’s musical tastes. Though it’s now up for sale (for quite a huge sum), the boundaries are still accessible by guests.
  2. Toronto Concert Hall – A 100-year old concert hall that is living testament to the resilience of music. The concert hall opened its doors just two years ago after going on a long hiatus. The venue has hosted legendary acts like Led Zeppelin and Rage Against the Machine back in the day, and still hosts several festivals each year.
  3. Varsity Stadium – Legend has it that “The Beatles” breakup started on this stage. During the legendary Rock and Roll Revival Concert, which has gone down in history as one of the best nights in musical history, John probably realized that he needed to leave the band. Over the years, the Revival concert has taken on a mythical nature, much like Woodstock. Though it’s nowhere nearly as famous as it should be, the stadium still remains one of the places to return to.
  4. Yorkville – What do Simon and Garfunkel and Joni Mitchell have in common? They both started their careers from the quiet Yorkville streets. The place was the budding ground for a new indie movement back in the day, and though the cafes might not hold a key to the atmosphere of before, the stories still remain.
  5. MuchMusic – The place that birthed Canadian trends for a long time, MuchMusic bridged the gaps between the young listeners and the musicians bringing them closer to home. It remains a quiet place to see and enjoy by yourself.

3. Be your own guides


While booking tours when you go on these excursions is obviously necessary, Toronto has sites which maintain the stories of their past, and you should read up on them to find out more about the places you’re visiting. Canada’s music has seen some turbulent times, and Toronto is no exception, however, the city has hosted Keith Richards and Funkadelic, and it deserves our respect.