Guy Comes Up With Genius Way For Solving Dinner Fights With His Girlfriend

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Now this article post is worth two things. 

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  2. It’s weight in gold. 

This is Jared Baker, a college student from Georgia. The 20-year-old lives with his dad Jerry, and the two are best buds.

Jerry Baker

The two were joking around one night about how they can never decide where to go out to eat with their lady friends. They were both sick and tired of the ‘It doesn’t matter.’ answer when they ask a date where they want to go. 

So Jared came up with a genius idea! 

Jared was at college, so he sent his father a package in the mail. 

When his father opened it…he saw his son’s brilliant creation…the Wheel Of Food!

Jerry has successfully used this once already according to Jared. He spun it and they went out to eat!

Jared and his dad both shared the creation on social media and it has since blown up!

It would appear…Jared and his dad are not the only ones who need one of these!

Share this with your loved one…it might just make date night that much easier!

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