Guy Finds The Strangest Thing At The Bottom Of The Colorado River While Snorkeling

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Martin Sholl was snorkeling in the Colorado River near the Arizona-California line when he spotted something completely strange and extremely freaky. 

Two skeletons adorned in sunglasses, flip-flops, a bikini and a rainbow-colored wig, tethered to lawn chairs…just sitting at the bottom of the river. 

Sholl called the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office and they sent out a team to inspect the skeletons. Their conclusion…the skeletons were just plastic. 

The next day, Sholl received a phone call from friend telling him that his discovery had made its way to national TV. Sholl was shocked, but upset that he found out he wasn’t even mentioned during the TV segment. The story was on the Morning Show and only the county deputy was mentioned as discovering the skeletons. 

The skeletons became an instant tourist attraction, but Sholl wasn’t having it! He went back in the river and removed the skeletons and placed them on his porch. 

Meanwhile, a local couple took credit for setting up the hoax. 

What did the local police and fire department have to say about Sholl removing the skeletons? 

First off, they did say that it wasn’t illegal for Sholl to remove the skeletons.


“Hopefully, he’ll give the skeletons to the Buckskin Fire Department, and let us take them back down,” Chambers said. “They’re a really neat attraction.”

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