Guy Puts Bare Hand Through Stream Of Molten Metal Without Getting Burned

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Everyone likes a good party trick but the star of a viral video set a new standard for mind boggling stunts when he passed his bare hand through a stream of molten metal.

In the video below a bald-headed man hanging out in a metal smelting plant removes his protective gloves crouches by a small waterfall of glowing white hot metal and smacks the stream with his naked hand like a bear pawing at a river. He does it three times and doesn’t even flinch.

Upon seeing a video like this – the natural impulse is to think this is fake, but one Reddit user states the man could have actually pulled this stunt off using a physics phenomenon known as the Leidenfrost Effect.

The Leidenfrost Effect named for the 18th-century German scientist Johann Gottlob Leidenfrost that discovered it describes the remarkably potent natural shield that’s created between a hot liquid and a cooler surface when they first come into contact.

According to Leidenfrost the reason the man’s hand doesn’t melt off is because the interaction between the hot metal and his hand causes water to rapidly evaporate from the surface of his skin creating a powerful but transient cloud of water vapor that protects it.

Don’t Try This At Home