Guy Receives Mysterious Voicemail With Scary Coded Military Message About Danger & Aliens

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There is a possibility that this incredibly creepy and strange recording is related to Malaysia Flight 307.

Getting a text or voicemail from a wrong number is a fairly uneventful and normal experience. But for Twitter user Ty, a brief listen to an unexpected voicemail quickly turned into a scene from an action film.

For those reading and listening that are a tad confused, the word salad in the voicemail is in fact military code.

To make matters even stranger, the translation of the code is even creepier than the voicemail itself.

“Danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate be cautious they are not human SOS danger SOS,” is the translated message.


The coordinates are eerily close to where Malaysia flight 307 went missing. 

On top of that, Ty received this message via his Twitter account shortly after sharing the mysterious voicemail. 

As if all this isn’t freaky enough…Ty also noticed a strange man taking pictures of his home in the middle of the night. 

Since the original post, the internet has chimed in and offered up some explanations. None of which make anyone feel comfortable. 

People claim that there were intense solar flares reported around the time of the voicemail. This would mean that the transmission of this voicemail could have been rerouted to Ty’s phone by mistake. 

The phone number came in as ‘unknown’. An unknown callers doesn’t necessarily mean the caller was human. Computer systems sending automated messages will show up as ‘unknown as well’. 

People had this to say in regards to the voicemail’s coordinates corresponding with the area of the Malaysian airplane crash.

Their theory is that the voicemail was a black box recording from the plane as it was going down. So basically, the SOS referenced a potential last ditch effort to survive. According to the theory, Ty may have received the message because crash occurred during two solar flares. So, the atmosphere was putting out more electromagnetic pulses and thus upping the potential for a lost or redirected message.

Some are wondering if the voicemail is the black box recording of the plane before it crashed. If somehow the signal never reached it’s destination and ended up on Ty’s phone instead.

When the coordinates are looked up on Google Earth, there are many blurred out parts. Hmm. 

Something seriously sketchy is going on here. Makes you think. 

It definitely appears that someone was in trouble and the trouble was coming from something NOT human.