Guy Stops Drinking Alcohol, Shows How Much Sobriety Changed Him In 3-Years

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Giving up your vice and guilty pleasure isn’t something that comes easy, but can lead to a happier and healthier life! You may not see changing in your body or behavior quickly, but documenting your progress provided motivation and allows you to reflect on your progress.

One man did just that, documenting in pictures, his three years of sobriety. Over last three years, Kenny D. has taken snaps of how he looked when he quit alcohol at key stages in his journey of sobriety. The changes within the first month are already huge and he is almost unrecognizable in the final photos.

“I took a picture of myself the day I got my first sobriety coin, 24 hours sober. I felt so ill and I looked so bad, I wanted to remember it so I wouldn’t forget. The day I got my 30-day coin, I thought my look had changed drastically so I took another selfie,” Kenny told Bored Panda, talking about the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) sobriety coins given to alcoholics who stay sober for a certain amount of time.

Check out the photo’s of Kenny’s remarkable journey below!

Starting off his journey with sobriety, Kenny wasn’t the happiest.

After a month, he started feeling much better about himself and the journey.

Kenny was able to continue on with his sobriety with the help of the AA 12-step program and support from friends and family.


Starting to diet and adding in some routine exercise – Kenny was off to the races!

Every time Kenny received a new sobriety chip, he snapped a photo!


Kenny always remained open and honest about his addiction and the severity of it.

Kenny used to drink 12-24 drinks per night.

…Passing out at least three to four times a week from alcohol consumption.

November 2, 2019, Kenny hit the 3-years sober mark!

Go Kenny!