Guy Turns His Cute Kitty into Fierce War Cat Using 3D Printed Armor

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The internet serves one purpose and one purpose only: for sharing cute cat videos. 

One guy by the name of JWall just did the most sensible thing to break the monotony of seeing adorable videos of fluffy kitties on the internet by dressing his cat up to look anything but cute. 

His efforts, of course, were in vain as his cuddly orange tabby eventually looked even cuter in it. 

The creative from the YouTube channel, PrintThatThing created a badass 3D printed armor for his feline friend, Bobo in an attempt to make him look fierce, and at the same time, battle-ready.

The designs he created are available for free, all you need is a 3D printer and your cat will have its own menacing war vestment. 

He says: “Now cats all over the world can roam safely. The entire design can be built with one hundred percent 3D printable parts.”  


The design started out as a detailed drawing of what they wanted the finished product to look. It had to look awesome and had to be functional as well. Spikes were incorporated into the armor to make Bobo look like a tiger with thorns, and holes were added so that a leash can be attached too. The breast plate has an ID tag attached to it, just in case Bobo gets lost during one of his war campaigns, making sure that he gets returned home safely.

The helmet proved to be quite a challenge to make, which is why JWall has asked for people to send him their ideas via his Thingiverse page. Eventually, 3 designs stood out, all of them coming from Craig Petesen. Of the 3, a helmet design called “Battle Kitten of the Universe” won, which can be seen being modeled by Bobo in a video posted on YouTube.

Source: Print That Thing


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