These Guys Build An Awesome Pontoon Raft Using Wood Pallets

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There is nothing like being out on the open water with some good friends, cold drinks and the sunshine…here is an awesome way to make that happen!

Here’s the beginning of the project – just some 2X4s arranged in a rough outline of the shape of the raft.

Then they began fitting the wooden pallets together.

Once the bottom portion of the raft was put together, they used more wood from the pallets to reinforce the raft for sitting and standing.

Of course, they had to do a couple of tests to make sure the wood was sturdy enough…

Here’s the pontoon raft all put together, with the plastic barrels placed to make sure the raft remained buoyant and balanced.

They built it big enough for chairs and a table.

Another benefit of this raft is that it’s easy to break down and transport.

Now all they had to do before its maiden voyage was put it back together.

For extra sunny days, they added a tent for shade.

Finally, time to celebrate!

(source Reddit)