30 Examples Of How A Simple Haircut Can Totally Transform A Man

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Some people go to great lengths to try and reinvent themselves. Maybe a new gym membership, new wardrobe or a even a new car. But sometimes…all it takes is a little trim off the top!

These 30 men below decided they were done with their long and giant manes — their transformations are absolutely incredible.

1. This guy has been growing out his dreadlocks for 11-years. 

haircut transformations Source: termitequeen via Reddit

2. After having long hair since he was 14, he decided to cut it all off!

 Source: Naomi Hair Design via Instagram

3. Talk about a difference!

Source: zanewithay via Instagram

4. Smooth Operator

 Source: hairbydreday via Instagram

5. From an 80’s rocker to a modern day rocker. 

 Source: izrael_garcia via Instagram

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6. He donated his strands to Pantene’s ‘Beautiful Lengths‘ project.

 Source: blink1371 via Reddit

7. At your service. 

 Source: harleys_barbershop via Instagram

8. Stylin’ and Profilin’ 

 Source: markbustos via Instagram

9. A barber gave a free makeover to a homeless man named Mark. He looks like a totally different person.

 Source: Bored Panda

10. Ready for business!

 Source: tealeavesband via Instagram

11. So much cooler!

 Source: jennyfotografiebeauty via Instagram

12. Year and years of dreads…gonzo!


 Source: salonaquarius via Instagram

13. His Fiance’ said it had to go! Now that’s love!

 Source: makabrah

14. Looks years younger!

 Source: jamiestyles via Instagram

15. Oh, There’s Your Face!

 Source: 1246barber via Instagram

16. More hair donated for a good cause!

 Source: amaroon via Imgur

17. Drastic! 

 Source: josephtheishair via Instagram

18. He still looks like a baby

 Source: zachstauffer via Reddit

19. “I decided to cut my hair and donate it so it can be used to make a wig for a cancer patient that has gone through chemo.”

 Source: detectivezar via imgur

20. Cut and Color

 Source: roary via Instagram

21. His face looks so skinny!

 Source: theshampoolounge via Instagram

22. Amazing how a haircut can make you look so much younger!

 Source: alinaumbres via Instagram

23. Hair goes…beard stays!

 Source: zidosalon via Instagram

24. Doesn’t even look like the same dude!

 Source: cutsbymoe_pdx via Instagram

25. This guy classed it up a bit!

 Source: jessicarichcollection via Instagram

26. He looked sad with his old haircut!

 Source: roostersmgcmurfressboro via Instagram

27. Another homeless man’s transformation!

 Source: marcbustos via Instagram

28. Saying goodbye to your long hair after 8-years.

 Source: danielmarshall

29. It was his first haircut in 5 years and he donated his hair to Locks of Love.

 Source: glytchrider via Reddit

30. He looks way more chill!

Source: celebula via Instagram