Halloween DIY Candy Slide May Help Trick-Or-Treating Stay Socially Distanced

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YouTube creators show how to make super simple social distancing tools in order to keep Trick or Treating socially distanced.

The coronavirus will no doubt put a damper on Trick or Treating this Halloween, but it doesn’t have to completely destroy it.

YouTube channel Wicked Makers truly believes that! They put up a video showing how to make a DIY candy slide prop to pass out candy from a safe distance. A person handing out candy can stand at the tall end and slide the treats down to eager trick-or-treaters waiting with their pumpkin buckets or pillowcases at the other end.

Between Halloween masks and adequate social distancing, we hope this helps you stay safe this Halloween,” they wrote on the video.

This genius contraption is super simple to make and is constructed of PVC pipe, glue, cheesecloth, paint and plastic skeleton decorations.

It’s a simple Halloween prop but it’s also a blank canvas that can be decorated however you like,” they wrote.