11 Super Fun Halloween Party Games For Kids And Adults!

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If you’re looking for Halloween party games that are perfect for all ages, you’ve come to the right place. With a list of 11 hilarious and super fun Halloween party games that range from wrapping someone up like a mummy to tossing spiders into a spiderweb across the room, these are some of the most fun Halloween party games out there. They’d be perfect for an adults only Halloween party, a classroom Halloween party, or even just a kids pre-trick or treat party.



  1. Come up with a list of games (from the list below) and the order you’d like teams to complete them in. I recommend around five challenges total.
  2. Setup challenges before your party (or during if that works for you).
  3. Break your group into teams of 4-6 people to make sure that everyone has a chance to participate.
  4. Walk teams through the order and instructions for each challenge. Explain that everyone on the team must complete at least one challenge and challenges must be split up equally among players. In other words, one person can’t do four challenges while one person only does one.
  5. Say go and have teams race through each of the challenges. First team to complete all of the challenges wins a fun Halloween prize. Prize ideas below.


Mummy Wrap (2 people)– have two team members work together to wrap up one of the team members like a mummy in toilet paper. Whoever is “the mummy” must be completely wrapped (other than face).

Fear Factor (entire team) – Put out a plate of food that the team must eat. If you’re doing an adult game, you can do things that might be tougher to eat (tofu, blue cheese, octopus, etc.) and for kids, a plate full of Halloween themed goodies (cup of dirt, brain cupcakes, peeled grapes for eyeballs, etc.).

Costume Change (1 person) – Have a box full of costume/dress-up clothing and have require one team member to put on 10 (or whatever number) things to complete their costume. Once they’ve dressed up, been approved, and undressed they can move to the next challenge.

Choose the Candy (1 person)  – Open a large bag of candy and put stickers on the bottom on some of the candy (at least equal to the number of teams you have). One team member must pick a piece of candy, check for a sticker, and if there isn’t a sticker eat the piece of candy. They must keep picking candy pieces until they’ve found a sticker.

Pumpkin Bowling (1 person) – Using either toilet paper with faces like ghosts or cans like this example, have a pumpkin and “pins” setup. Team member must bowl a strike before they can move on. After they bowl, they must reset the pins (recommend having x’s where pins go). If another team is also at the pumpkin bowling, they must take turns trying to bowl a strike.

Trick or Treat Balloon Pop (entire team) – Before the party put pieces of paper into balloons with treat names (Snickers, cupcakes, candy corn, etc.) and tricks (things they have to do like sing I’m a little teapot, pretend to fly around the room like a witch on a broom, etc.). There should be a lot more tricks than treats (like 5 to 1) but make sure you have enough treats for the number of teams. Put all of the balloons (not blown up) in a bag. Teams must pick a balloon from the bag, blow it up, and pop it. If they get a treat, they move on. If they get a trick they must do the trick  then another teammate picks another balloon and repeats until they get a treat.

Spooky Scramble (1 person) – Create a Halloween word scramble or word search and have teams have to complete the scramble before moving on.

Tossin’ Tarantulas (1 person) – Spread spiderwebs (the white stretchy kind) in a space (doorway, corner of the room, etc.). Have players stand behind a line and toss little plastic spiders at the spiderweb until they can get three spiders stuck in the web.

Face the Cookie (1 person) – Buy a package of Halloween Oreos. Players have to put a cookie on their forehead and using only their face muscles (no hands!), get the cookie from their forehead into their mouth. If the cookie falls to the ground, they must either pick up the cookie from the ground or get a new cookie and start over.

Zombie Walk (1 person) – Setup a short obstacle course (go around, over, and under things) and make the team member complete the obstacle course while walking like a zombie (or Frankenstein).

Pumpkin Ring Toss (teams or individual)  –  Use pumpkins and have the kids toss a circular object about the stem for points.  Glow in the dark neckless rings work great.  Get an idea here: Glow Pumpkin Toss

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