Sexist Guy Gets Hilariously Schooled By Hamburger Helper’s Twitter Account

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hamburger helper twitter

Ahh, Hamburger Helper! A meal from a box that is both tasty and easy to make! Hamburger Helper isn’t just good at helping people make easy, tasty dinners though…they are also pretty good at trolling people and calling them out on their shenanigans via their Twitter account!

Twitter user @CBEV_3 posted an unfortunate and just generally distastefully sexist meme revolved around an image of Hamburger Helper. 


The post suggested that a woman could not be a good wife if all she could do was mix Hamburger Helper and helpfully added a picture along with his tweet. It would have all gone unnoticed, had he not made one big, glaring mistake…

He dropped the sacred name of Hamburger Helper.

@helper, the official Twitter feed of Hamburger Helper was not pleased.

The company decided to fire back with a spicy comment of their own :

“And this makes you husband material?” @helper asked, sending Twitter into convulsions of delight and elevating the name of Hamburger Helper into a realm of awesomeness.

Twitter erupted with laughter and support of the snippy tweet!

Some people were just dumbfounded as to how anyone could make Hamburger Helper mad!

Twitter user @CBEV_3 didn’t seem to mind either way and is probably still single eating Hamburger Helper.