Harley Davidson Defines The ‘American Way’! Free Motorcycle Storage To Active Military Members

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Christopher and Jaime Walters received a letter from their local Harley Davidson shop in Geneseo, Illinois, a simple letter that proves just how badass Harley Davidson really is.

The letter was written by Dennis Packee, A Harley Dealer Principal informing the couple that he is returning their money they had mailed him to store Christopher’s motorcycle. The letter goes on to explain that their facility does not charge active duty service men while deployed to store their motorcycles. This gesture is a simple way for Packee to say ‘thank you’ for all that the military service members do.

Since this letter starting circulating the web, other dealerships and other Harley Davidson storage facilities have jumped on the band wagon and offered the same free storage services for active duty military members.

What a simple, yet incredible gesture. Way to keep it classy Harley D!

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